Results matter.
Values matter.
Experience matters.

Elect a freedom fighter for North Carolina District 13.

“It has been my honor to gain the trust and respect of the citizens of my community over the years and it would be my great privilege to take my passion for public service to Washington, DC on behalf of District 13.”

“Public service is a high calling; one that I take seriously and approach with humility and a tenacity that garners respect from constituents and colleagues.”

“As the daughter of an educator and second-generation small business owner, I learned at an early age the values of hard work, honesty, integrity, and authenticity.”

The Latest.

Bentley Announces Q4 FEC Filing Report

Bentley Announces Q4 FEC Filing Report

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE JANUARY 18, 2022 HUNTERSVILLE, NC – Conservative Republican, former Mecklenburg County Commissioner, and candidate for U.S. Congress in the Thirteenth Congressional District, Karen Bentley, announced raising $125,000 in just five weeks.   Bentley...

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The Critical Issues.

Federal spending

The federal government should return control of many programs to the private sector and state and local governments.

Run away inflation

Sound fiscal policy, getting people back to work, and solving the supply chain crisis is critical…

Election integrity

..every American must be able to trust the voting process and its result…

Executive branch overreach

The Biden administration is overstepping its Constitutional authority by utilizing the apparatus of the Federal government (OSHA) to impose an unconstitutional vaccine mandate.


We must have a country where we control our own borders and where those seeking to come here obey our laws.


Healthcare must be patient-centered and market-driven.

Second Amendment

I am a proud concealed carry permit holder and gun owner.

Sanctity of Life

I believe that life begins at conception and should be protected.

Stay Informed.

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